International Proficiency Certificate (IPC)

ASA now offers the first International Proficiency Certificate (IPC) for sailors available in the United States. This certificate is mandatory when chartering in most European / Mediterranean waters. It proves as proof of bareboat charter competency for Mediterranean chartering companies, many of whom require the proficiency information displayed in a different format than the ASA Log Book.


Most charter companies accept this certificate as adequate proof of bareboat skipper proficiency including Kiriakoulis Charters which has 300+ locations in the Mediterranean. As countries differ in their requirements, travelers should always check with their destination prior to attempting to charter.


Only ASA members who have completed through ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising, are eligible to order the International Proficiency Certificate. One must be a current member of ASA to be issued the certificate.


This is a comprehensive test-out of the course materials with a thorough demonstrate the required hands-on skill requirements. This is a two day course with one day of testing and review and one day on the water testing. This is not a learning course but a testing course. Experience is required

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